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Welcome To Department Of Films and Publications

Department of films and publications is one of the main organizations under the ministry of Information. It upholds image of the country through its creative works. The main objective of this organization is to highlight the country’s overall picture, social development and constructive functions in a simple and least touching way through films and publications. The film unit of this department makes films to introduce Bangladesh, its heritage, history, art, culture, literature and liberation war to home and abroad. The department has a laboratory complex with all facilities of developing, editing, sound recording and printing of films. It makes news films, documentary, short films and films on many aspect of country. Along with these routine tasks it also produces films on commercial basis.

Publication is another important division of this department. Three regular periodicals-one in English and two in Bengali are published from this unit. It bears immense importance in exchange and development of Information and knowledge. Publication of books, booklets, posters, view cards and other factual publications are one of the main tasks of this department. Films and books selected for distribution abroad are printed in different languages in international standard.